2002 – 2012 :
10 years of successful partnership between EDF and KIT

The European Institute for Energy Research, EIFER, was founded in September 2001 in Karlsruhe as a European Economic Interest Grouping between EDF and KIT (formerly University of Karlsruhe).

On the 27th of March 2012, EIFER is organising the celebration event for the “10 Years”.

This event will highlight 10 years of successful partnership between EDF, the leading French energy utility and KIT, the elite German university. Our highly multi-disciplinary team of 110 staff focuses its research on « Sustainable Cities » and « Regional Energy Solutions », and in cooperation with EDF R&D, KIT and other European research institutes, EIFER answers the needs of its Members and is ready to address key challenges of the energy systems of the future.

Please notice that this event is only accessible through personal invitation.


Official inauguration (31/01/2003) Staff EIFER 2002 Staff EIFER 2009 Staff EIFER 2011

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