Best Paper Award

The paper “PLANTING: Computing High Spatio-Temporal Resolutions of Photovoltaic Potential of 3D City Models” by Syed Monjur Murshed, Amy Lindsay, Solène Picard and Alexander Simons has been selected as one of the three best full papers in the 21st AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science held in Lund, Sweden, 12-15 June 2018. It has been published as a book chapter (Murshed et al. 2018).

The paper introduces and describes PLANTING, a numerical model to estimate the solar irradiance and PV potential at the resolution of individual building surfaces and hourly time steps, using 3D city models. It considers the shading of neighboring buildings and terrains to perform techno-economic PV potential assessment with indicators such as installed power, produced electrical energy, levelized cost of electricity on the horizontal, vertical and tilted surfaces of buildings in a city or district.

As an appreciation, the authors received an award certificate and a voucher to purchase books.

The authors are grateful to EDF R&D and Métropole de Lyon for funding this research within the projects “Smart and Low Carbon Cities” and “Modélisation Urbaine Gerland (MUG)”, respectively.

Contact: Syed Monjur Murshed

Reference: Murshed S.M., Lindsay A., Picard S., Simons A. (2018) In: Mansourian A., Pilesjö P., Harrie L., van Lammeren R. (eds) Geospatial Technologies for All. AGILE 2018. Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography. Springer, Cham.