"City of the Future"

Project kick-off in Karlsruhe in the frame of the “City of the Future” public competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The “SmartQuarterVision KA2030+” project kick-off, with the attendance of the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, the directors of the project partners from the department for city development of Karlsruhe and the CyberForum Karlsruhe, as well as EIFER’s deputy director Dr. Nurten Avcı, took place in Karlsruhe at the BMBF education ship “MS Wissenschaft” in July 2015. With EIFER’s constant scientific support, the first workshops and round tables with target groups in the two reference districts of Karlsruhe have been launched. Furthermore, EIFER has developed detailed concepts for two “citizens’ vision workshops” which will be held in December 2015. These large group events will aim at exploring current and future needs, wishes and innovative ideas of the district’s inhabitants. The final goal is to support the development of a transferable concept of the “future city districts” for Karlsruhe which includes the current needs, wishes and innovative ideas of the local population to inspire the future city planning and development of Karlsruhe on a district level. The project got very positive feedback in the local and regional news (see Link).

Contact: Pia Laborgne Martina Leucht Joanna Skok

October 2015

The "City of the Future" contest sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research aims at promoting a dialogue with citizens to discuss and develop joint visions of the future, evaluate these visions and realize experiments in selected cities.

Beginning of 2015, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) announced the “City of the Future” contest aiming at developing and implementing a sustainable vision of the future city in 2030 in cooperation with citizens, the science community, local policy-makers, industry and administration. In a three phase process these common visions will be developed and discussed (phase 1), scientifically evaluated regarding their feasibility (phase 2) and, starting in 2018, practically proven in “real-world laboratories” (phase 3). The City of Karlsruhe belongs to 52 communities which have been selected in April 2015 for phase 1 of the contest out of 168 appliers. Together with the KIT Institute for Technology Assessment and System Analysis (ITAS), EIFER is scientific partner in the selected “SmartQuarterVision KA 2030+” project of the City of Karlsruhe, coordinated by CyberForum Karlsruhe. The scientifically accompanied vision building of phase1 will start in July 2015 in the selected city districts Mühlburg and Knielingen.

Wettbewerb Zukunftsstadt: Link

Contact: Pia Laborgne Martina Leucht Joanna Skok

May 2015