Green Hydrogen for Mobility

Green Hydrogen for mobility: a step forward with the opening of a refuelling station using H2 electrolysis in Karlsruhe

The TOTAL refuelling station on Karlsruhe’s Südtangente ring road was commissioned on Wednesday 6th September in presence of Jacques Sacreste, EDF R&D Vice President International & Partnership. This H2 refuelling station – the tenth in the German federal state of Baden­-Württemberg – is distinguished by an innovative energy concept: hydrogen will be produced on-site, using the electricity which will be generated by solar renewable energy. This is a way to electrify mobility and make it low carbon.

‘Green hydrogen’ from electrolysis powered by solar energy

Developed in partnership with TOTAL and the Dresden company Sunfire, this hydrogen refuelling station marks the first time that a high temperature electrolysis technology in flexible operation is used for the production of hydrogen. It is funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg’s BWPLUS programme and administrated by EIFER. High temperature electrolysers have an efficiency close to 90% for converting electrical energy into chemical energy. This is due to their high operating temperatures of up to 850°C and the possibility of supplying the required energy in the form of heat.

“This project allows EIFER to demonstrate and assess in real operations high temperature electrolysis technology, which has been tested and evaluated at the cell and stack level in our laboratories for several years now, at the systems level as part of its industrial application,” explains Dr Annabelle Brisse, who heads the project ‘Electrolytic Hydrogen’ for the EDF Group.

The scientific monitoring of the hydrogen refuelling station will involve testing the electrolyser’s load sequence operating capability of over 5000 hours. Using a monitoring system, all of the facility’s system parameters (e.g. electricity, voltage, temperature, pressure etc.) will be recorded, and then evaluated and analysed by EIFER.

Contact EIFER: Dr. Annabelle Brisse, Maxime Zeller

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