MUG Conference - an Event to Exchange on the Project

In the framework of the project Modélisation Urbaine Gerland (MUG) a first conference was held on 14th April 2016 in Lyon, France. Besides addressing questions on urban modelling, the event provided an opportunity to embed MUG in the context of similar activities.

Having agreed on the principle topics, the respective models are currently being developed by the project consortium. Still, some discussions are of a more global nature and need to be addressed by a wider public. As a result, a conference was held in Lyon on 14th April 2016, where around 70 participants listened to 10 presenters from diverse fields of expertise and engaged in lively discussions.

The objective of the conference was to tackle open or pending questions on the MUG project from different stakeholders at the Métropole de Lyon, the project consortium and academia in Lyon. As a result there was a strong focus on dialogue between the project representatives and the attendees, with special guests from the Métropole de Lyon being invited to podium discussions.

Among other topics the following were addressed:

- Uncertainty in computer simulation
- Data collection
- Support of urban planning by simulation (energy planning in urban planning and transport land use interaction)

Attendees at MUG Conference - © EIFER / M. Heyder
Some spotlights on the MUG conference

Since the conference intended to direct the MUG project into the wider context of similar activities, participants from the European-funded CI-NERGY project presented their findings on embedded energy planning in urban planning processes together with first modelling results (EIFER and EPFL). This was followed by a presentation by the Canton of Geneva on their current project on energy planning in urban development and the attempts of integrating energy modelling in the decision-making process. Further international examples were given, for example on energy planning at the conversion site Tegel Airport (EIFER-EDF), the application of the LUTI MobilSim in Luxemburg (Théma) as well as LUTI Simbad (LAET).

The event was jointly organised by EDF-EIFER, Métropole de Lyon and Mission Gerland. We would like to thank all attendees for their lively participation and interesting discussions.

Together with the Métropole de Lyon we are looking forward to hosting a second conference in October 2016. Meanwhile visit us online.

Contact EIFER: Monika Heyder
Contact EDF: Fabrice Casciani