Modélisation Urbaine Gerland

A new success for urban energy planning: 4 years of effort to develop innovative decision-making tools.

On the 26th of June 2018, the closing event of the applied research project “Modélisation Urbaine Gerland” took place in Lyon. Partners in this project were: the CosmoCompany, the Metropole of Lyon, EDF R&D, ForCity and Veolia Research and Innovation. The project was funded in the EcoCité framework by Caisse des Dépôts and Consignations.
Around 50 participants were present at the event, which took place in Lyon at “La Commune” - an innovation space in Gerland.
The closing event was composed of different round tables and panel discussions where Monika Heyder and Marie Sevenet represented EIFER. External experts from research and urban planning have been invited to exchange on the project highlights.
The Metropole of Lyon underlined their interest in the innovative approach of systemic modelling to support urban planning and recognized the expertise of EDF and EIFER. They also emphasized that the approach allows guidance to experts and foster the dialogue between different departments and stakeholders.
We would like to thank the whole project team for their strong commitment over the last 4 years.

Contact EIFER: Monika Heyder
Contact EDF: Fabrice Casciani

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