Thüga power-to-gas

Thüga power-to-gas plant exceeds expectations

The Thüga group has installed a power-to-gas installation in Frankfurt in 2014. Hydrogen is produced with electricity in an electrolyser and the hydrogen is fed into the local gas distribution network. The first results of the project were announced in a press release the 11th February 2015: the efficiency of the electrolyser reaches up to 77% (related to the higher heating value), which exceeds the expectations of the partners. These values were calculated at EIFER. Together with DVGW-Forschungsstelle EBI, EIFER will further analyse the technical and some details of the economic performance of the installation until 2016.

The detailed press release in German is available under:

Note: the picture and logo used to illustrate this text were kindly provided by Strom zu Gas

Contact: David Colomar