Strategies for a better air in the Upper Rhine

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Project Objectives

The main objective of Atmo-VISION is to propose new appropriate instruments to reduce pollutant emissions into the atmosphere (greenhouse gases or hazardous air pollutants) to institutions and administrative bodies (e.g. local authorities, education) of the Upper Rhine region.
Currently, certain national and European air quality standards are not complied within the Upper Rhine area. This issue requires the local stakeholders to better understand the geographical, sectoral and technical origin of such emission (e.g. energy production or traffic). The project activities include the provision and standardization of regional air-climate-energy data, an indispensable tool for decision-makers. The project also includes the creation of an exchange network to promote the effectiveness of actions e.g. through the deployment of micro-sensors by citizens.

EIFER’s Contribution

EIFER is mainly involved in the elaboration of consistent databases on energy supply and demand in the region. EIFER also supports the design and modelling of actions to improve air quality in major cities in the region. Moreover, EIFER participates to cross-cutting project activities, such as the implementation of the web-based Geographical Information System (GIS) to present the results of the project.

The project „Atmo-VISION“ is funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund – ERDF) as part of the programme INTERREG V Upper Rhine  together with the Cantons Basel-City and Basel-Region and the Swiss Union (New Regional Policy – NRP).


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