Local Multi-Energy Systems

The energy industry is changing, driven by efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition to renewable resources and improve the efficiency of energy production. Success in these important goals demands flexible and resilient systems, which should be implemented with active involvement of local stakeholders. Decentralised multi-energy systems provide the capability to adapt in this evolving area. The local coupling of electricity, heating, cooling and mobility improves sustainability and flexibility, which can in turn absorb intermittency and satisfy fluctuating demand. Such an approach supports both regional and national energy systems. EIFER focuses on the design and optimization of local energy solutions, leveraging deep expertise in relevant technologies, system integration and simulation.

François Courtot
Low carbon heating and cooling systems

Representing approximately 50% of final energy consumption in Europe, heating and cooling are a key area for sustainability efforts. Our main domains of research are the assessment of reliable and sustainable energy systems for renewable heating and cooling (e.g. bio-, geo- and solar thermal energy), thermal storage (e.g. underground heat storage), and district heating and cooling.
EIFER is active in numerous research projects from the laboratory to industrial pilot scale. Our experts conduct studies on the complete value chain, from resource assessment through design to system monitoring. This allows the evaluation and testing of breakthrough innovations, such as mineral recovery from geothermal brine and the conversion of CO2 to fuels.

Sector coupling

Sector coupling shows great promise for cost-efficient decarbonation of energy generation and supply.
EIFER works in partnership with the European research community on how to improve the flexibility of generation systems and increase the deployment of sector-coupling solutions. Special focus is given to the use and the integration of CHPs, heat pumps, thermal storage and power-to-X systems. In parallel, we are assessing the performance of integrated solutions based on new market design concepts and defining the framework for their improved deployment.

Local energy planning and design

Each local sustainable energy system requires a tailor-made technical solution. We provide methods and tools for each project stage, from early prototyping for local authorities and urban planners to detailed design for engineers and operators.
These method and tools are broadly applied: from access to energy in isolated areas to integrated urban energy infrastructure projects.

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