Hydrogen Mobility Europe

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Project Objectives

H2ME is a large-scale market test of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure,  passenger and commercial fuel cell electric vehicles operated in real-world customer applications, which will demonstrate that the hydrogen mobility sector can support the wider European energy system via electrolytic hydrogen production.

Main demo objectives:

  • Deploy and operate 1,400 fuel cell vehicles
  • Deploy and operate 20 hydrogen refuelling stations (7x 700 bar, 6 dual pressure 700 / 350 bar and 7x 350 bar)
  • Test the ability of 9 electrolyser-HRS (> 2 MW in total) to provide meaningful grid services

Main research and dissemination objectives:

  • Conclude on the technical and commercial readiness of the vehicles, refuelling stations and production techniques
  • Produce recommendations and identify gaps preventing full commercialisation
  • Assemble evidence in readiness and communicate results to support next investments
EIFER’s Contribution
  • Technical support to the design of the HRS infrastructure
  • On site monitoring (with remote data access)
  • Commissioning and operation of the station in Sarreguemines, Nantes and Rodez
  • Validation of the whole system, performance assessment, degradation measurement in operative conditions
  • Evaluation of the overall cost of electrolytic hydrogen, based on real world installation
  • Get experience in the authorization procedures – assess the legal frame
  • Access the local value of hydrogen inside territories

This project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 671438 and 700350.

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