Bringing flexibility provided by multi energy carrier integration to a new MAGNITUDE

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Project Objectives

The goal of MAGNITUDE is to design and develop business and market mechanisms as well as supporting coordination tools to enable an improved level of flexibility for the European electricity system, by increasing and optimizing synergies among electricity, gas and heat systems.

The project aims to

  • Provide tools and models to enable the provision of flexibility to the electricity system from the integration of multi-energy systems’ operation.
  • Develop business and market mechanisms to exploit the full potential value of the flexibility provided.
  • Validate the solutions on 7 real life case studies of multi-energy systems of different sizes and technological features, located in 7 European countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).
  • Disseminate project results, achievements and lessons learnt towards the stakeholders in the electricity, heat and gas sectors
  • Propose recommendations and contribute to the definition of policy strategies in a pan-European perspective.
EIFER’s Contribution

EIFER contributes mainly on technologies and use cases’ characterization and development, on business models, and market design.

  • EIFER leads the package on services from synergies among multi carrier networks and is responsible for the identification and quantification of the flexibility services that coupled technologies can provide according to their current characteristics and expected development.
  • EIFER leads the evaluation of the replicability of the identified solutions in the project’s countries.
  • EIFER contributes to the definition of role models for the following simulation tasks and to the definition of future market designs and business models and their application in several European countries.
  • EIFER contributes to the structuration of the data collected from the project case studies, to the definition of meaningful KPIs for the different use cases and to the study of relevant future evolution of the considered systems.
  • EIFER contributes as well to dissemination activities.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774309.

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