Modular battery storage systems linked to intelligent charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Project Objectives

The MoBILE project is testing the value proposition of a mobile and modular battery system including congestion management and other service provisions to the distribution grid. The project thus acts as a lighthouse for the grid-friendly deployment of e-mobility in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.
An expandable battery container stacked with lithium-ion battery cells is tested at the Hockenheim race track and event location. Amongst others, the storage system aims at reducing peak loads induced by high-performance charging stations (350kW) installed at the new Porsche Experience Center and in other locations around the race track.

EIFER’s Contribution
  • Development of scenarios on future grid load, techno-economic and regulatory assessment of battery use cases and implementation of a real-time battery data monitoring system
  • Project coordination
Key Outcomes

Demonstration of a successful integration of the battery storage system into the local distribution grid infrastructure, allowing to:

  • manage network congestion and delay a grid extension in scenarios of increasing electromobility needs;
  • partly replace fossil-driven backup solutions during events;
  • test new business models (e.g. peak-load shaving or local green energy supply), depending on regulatory developments.