HyQuality Europe

Public event at the Paris Innovation Campus

Released on the (2023-12-11).
Contact Alessandro Micero (EIFER) and Thor Aarhaug, coordinator (SINTEF), alessandro.micero@eifer.org; thor.a.aarhaug@sintef.no

HyQuality Europe was launched in January 2023 with the aim to move forward with the risk assessment approach that offers cost reduction to the current prescriptive at the hydrogen refuelling stations. Towards this target, it is envisaged to perform 300 spot samplings, implement online monitoring of impurities, and create an open-source database to follow the impurities concentration evolution.

A public event took place on 18th October at the Paris Innovation Campus by CEMIAG / Air Liquide France Industrie. During the morning, the consortium of HyQuality Europe and MetroHyVe 2 presented the state-of-the-art and recent progress of the project in a hybrid format. After a panel discussion with HyQuality and MetroHyVe 2 experts, the MobiLab (a mobile laboratory by CEMIAG) and a new model of the Toyota Mirai were exhibited to the participants of the event.

As a highlight of the day, CEMIAG demonstrated to all participants a live spot sampling of hydrogen gas at Air Liquide’s hydrogen refuelling station of Les Loges en Josas. Using Air Liquide’s H2 sampling system (shown in the photo), hydrogen was taken at the outlet of the 700 bar nozzle, collected in a specific gas cylinder, and sent for analysis in the laboratory. The capabilities of the CEMIAG laboratory, based on multiple complementary instruments to fulfil the analysis of the 13 contaminants specified in ISO 14687:2019, were presented and discussed with HyQuality Europe members.

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