SoLAR – Smart Grid ohne Lastgangmessung Allensbach – Radolfzell

The public funded project SoLAR received the “Good Practice of the Year” Award in the category ‘Technological Innovation & System Integration’ at the ‘Optimising Energy & Empowering Nature’ conference co-organised by RGI, IUCN and ENTSO-E on 7th December 2021. The project demonstrates the efficient use of local flexibility in a low emission district through intelligent decentralised energy management.

The jury awarded the prize for technological innovation to SoLAR Allensbach as the practice creates a comprehensive flexibility package for an increased integration of renewable sources into the grid. It includes flexibility at distribution level, energy services to consumers, a virtual battery concept and dynamic grid tariffs, demonstrating the functionality of intelligent sector coupling and a technological lead ahead of policy. In addition, the replicable practice achieved support at both local and state levels thanks to its successful engagement with local communities and authorities.

EIFER, as one of the main research partners of the consortium, has engineered the virtual demonstrator, a highly realistic Digital Twin of the energy system of demonstration site, and contributed to the feasibility study on technical and economic areas. The virtual demonstrator accompanies the real-estate property development as a digital replica, from design and planning over the commitment and along the operation of its energy system. This Digital Twin allowed optimizing each of the phases through dynamic simulations and innovative digitalization practices, fully integrated to the project development. In this way, EIFER ensured that SoLAR provides a value-adding solution for efficient flexibility management contributing to low emission energy systems in buildings.

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