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30.3. Workshop in Brussels: Integrated and flexible energy systems: the untapped potential of DHC

How can sector integration contribute to a more resilient and flexible energy system? Join us for the workshop to hear more on March 30th in Brussels! Guillaume Bardeau presents SENERGY NETS project- Increasing the synergy among different energy networks through multi-energy systems, a project coordinated by EIFER.

2023-03-27T10:55:49+02:00March 24, 2023|News|

Demonstration project „SoLAR“ in Allensbach: Successful energy system transformation by intelligent energy sector coupling

In the real-world lab project SoLAR in Allensbach (at Lake Constance/Germany) we demonstrate the potential of intelligent energy sector coupling. With a real-time price system on the basis of electric grid state variables, flexible appliances of every type, power and availability can be used as “virtual batteries”.

2022-12-12T15:45:52+01:00September 30, 2022|News|
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